Promogogo excels is in two ways: easy to understand ticket sales analytics and building promotions that are easy to make but create a huge impact.

campaigns that reach more people than just your fans so you can sell even more tickets

To sell tickets, use your brand

Promogogo, the product, has two parts to it: one is knowing ticket sales in real time which is useful for many seemingly obvious reasons. If it's sold out, do you need to add more shows? If it's not sold out, maybe pump out some more (read: better) marketing.

But how to do 'better marketing'? This is where the second part of Promogogo comes in. To promote your event well, often all you really need is the ability to get it done quickly and the content assets (event schedules, photos, maybe some videos or messages).

Because to sell tickets, you of course have the option to simply just tell people what is happening and rely on your brand to get the work done. The best example of something like that is when the Spice Girls tour was announced. They took one promo photo, had one day of PR, and that was pretty much it. Sold out UK tour. Wembley, thrice over.

In short: the stronger the brand of the artist you're promoting, the less 'clever' marketing you need – and for a true A-lister like Spice Girls, just send out a press release, and you should be good.

visit the Spice Girls Promogogo demo campaign page.
Simple, and straight to the point with only
two elements: banner and their event list.

To sell tickets, tell a story

For most of us, it really isn't quite so simple. Maybe we're promoting an up-and-comer, or even just someone who's not been a household name for multiple decades. So what do we then to sell the tickets? The Promogogo belief is that we need more space for storytelling.

The story, of course, depends entirely on who the act is. It can be anything from reminding older audiences of a nostalgic moment from their younger years; for the 'it crowd' something so exclusive we've probably never heard of it; and for teen-idols, you, as the person in charge of the marketing, might want to circulate a message for those who inevitably are paying for the whole thing – the excited fangirls' fathers.

We figured the best way to do that would be to provide event promoters with blank space that is completely theirs and not constrained by character limits or algorithms. This has been known in marketing for a while to be very effective, and we call them landing pages.

The commitment we made, was to make all the assets needed for the promotion so easily accessible (event schedules across services, official artist photo libraries, videos) that any intern can make an event promotion, even on their mobile device.

This is to give you, the event promoter, the time to do what you do best: hone in on the messaging that works for your audience. We figured it'd be incredibly powerful to give promoters and artist representatives' space for storytelling that isn't the press or a social media post.

Being able to 'paint a picture' on a mobile-friendly webpage means you control the whole brand experience from A-Z you can include photos / videos / comments from the audience / embedded social interactions that are relevant. The sky really is the limit here, why not include a letter to your fans or an offer that is irresistible – you truly have the space to make your story compelling.

Want a better demonstration of what that means?

Let's take a look at another demo page we have, for new band on the block Greta Van Fleet. Don't worry if you don't know them yet – it probably actually makes for a better demonstration.

The same type of promotion, with a banner and a list of events, might work for the small slice of society that actually stays up to date on new music AND is on an email list about upcoming concerts in their city AND the band visits their city.

Spoiler alert, most people don't and aren't and live somewhere else.

Some do, and they buy tickets.
But when those have all been reached – where do we go from there? Our theory is that Greta Van Fleet, a band whose debut just came out earlier this year has a massive potential to reach an audience of those who are in their 40s, 50s and even 60s now – they might just not know it yet.

Why? Well, first of all – they're a kickass rockband and the biggest ticket-buying demographic for rock is that age range (because they like rock music and have money). But also, it kinda sounds like Led Zeppelin, and we kinda figured loads of older rock-n-roll fans are dying to reexperience the glory days of Zeppelin.

Would it help to know that they've also received a raging endorsement from Sir Elton John? We think it does.

Sound like Led Zeppelin, put on a crackin' live performance, endorsed by Elton John... intrigued yet? If you are, click here to learn all about Greta Van Fleet.

And if you are, thank you for making our point for us. So our point is, if you haven't gathered yet, that sometimes just because a concert is happening and there's an audience for it – doesn't mean that said audience necessarily knows about it yet.

We're living in the era of epic viral amazing content on every platform, and fantastic storytelling in every format. Shouting 'BUY TICKETS' on Twitter will not sell tickets, unless you already have a huge following of people who don't mind being shouted at.

Our product is built for those who really truly want to engage a wide range of humans who just haven't learnt yet that they're about to see your concert that's happening this weekend, and they're bringing a friend who now also needs to convinced, but don't worry. You got this.

The technical side – taken care of

Promogogo operates white-label branding, so you control the whole branding experience from beginning to end. If you're super advanced, it means you can create targeted offers for different demographics, or create memory pages for groups that really stand out to you. It really is up to you, we just provide the platform.

Then what we figured, once you've put all the effort into reaching people and compelling them to hear your story out, is that they should be able to buy tickets then and there with no friction.

That's why Promogogo is integrated into multiple major ticket services, so when you're making your gogoPoster (get it, cos it's like a poster) you just select the artist/venue/event you're pushing, and it will automatically link exactly to the right event on the right service – so your audience can go from your compelling poster to having a ticket in their email inbox in less than 5 clicks, total.

Further, the benefit of having your compelling story in its entirety on landing pages is that they're not just just easy to share on social media – but more importantly amongst and between friends, partners, family members or colleagues via chat (messages overtook the use of social media in 2016). They're also properly indexed for search, so you can focus solely on that messaging.

It's not the fans, it's literally everyone else

Because selling tickets is not just about reaching those loyal fans. They surely already have their own tickets, if they're not running a stan account pushing your act on more people already. They don't need your compelling story – they're the ones preaching it already.

It's everyone else you should be thinking about.

When you've already pushed your basic campaign to anywhere you can think of, and you still have loads of tickets to sell. When you've already texted everyone in your network in that city, but you still have tickets to sell. When you've already done the press, done the social, done the email. Where do you go from there?

Well, you go to Promogogo.

Campaigns, that sell tickets

And you figure out who else you need to reach, and how to make your show compelling for them. And if that sounds like a tall order, first of all, welcome to the live music industry. It's hard, y'know. Second, we've been doing this for a while. We know all the tricks. And the tactics. And we're very good at implementing them.

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It's simple, not easy.

Promogogo makes it manageable.
Just add your own wit. Insight. And then go for it.

so you can sell even more tickets

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