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The team behind Promogogo has spent years designing, developing and operating the largest mobile ticket platform on the planet. We've analysed ticket sales, monitored patterns, figured out what drives ticket sales, what kind of fan engagement is likely to yield results and now we've bundled this into one easy to use package, Promogogo.

Designed for artists, management and promoters; Promogogo shows you how your tour performs overall, as well as real time information per event. You can see what is moving the needle on your ticket sales.

Did a spike in ticket sales come from a media coverage, a social media post or something else entirely? To provide the best possible product for our clients, tools to create campaigns to further push ticket sales are built in.

Promogogo is designed to be practical, yet easy to use. We know prioritising online presence while being on tour can be difficult, and still it can make all the difference of how well your events are selling. Our background in mobile means Promogogo is optimised for tablets and mobile phones.

It's all in one place. It's easy to use.
So you have time to manage.

The Team

Promogogo is a marketing platform for ticketing services created by a company called Mobilitus. Mobilitus has for the past eight years provided Ticketmaster and Live Nation's mobile ticketing platform driving millions of dollars in ticket sales for artists, teams and venues worldwide, daily.

The founders of Mobilitus have worked in tech since there was tech. We've created and operated complex mobile-web systems for big corporate clients such as Real Networks, Ericsson, AT&T, Sprint & Collegehumor for over a decade. 

For Promogogo we added a veteran in the music business to the team. For the UI, we purposefully looked to the digital native generation to make the product as effortless in use as possible. The result is a team of 10, spread over four countries and three generations; Gen-Xers and Millennials with a couple of Baby Boomers to boot. 

Together we make Promogogo.

Our Values

It's very important to us that Promogogo is practical and easy to use. We love having a relationship with our clients, if that's what they want. We are happy to meet you to help set-up, talk about the product and show you how to use it. Likewise we appreciate feedback on how it is working for you, what could be better and what is good the way it is.

We update our blog regularly to express our views, and give our professional opinions on best practises and more. We like keeping our social media lively, so stay in touch with us on there. You can of course always email us as well.

or schedule a visit if you prefer....!

Portland, Oregon

330 SE Martin Luther King jr. Blvd.
Suite 2a
Portland, Oregon 97214
+1 (415) 329 4414

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Hverfisgata 76
101 Reykjavik, Iceland
+354 415 2600

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