Promogogo's Vision & Mission

PROMOGOOGO's purpose is to bridge the discovery gap in live music, by bringing a broader audience to more live shows and giving event organisers the tools to systematise ticket sales strategies.

Our vision is to bridge the discovery gap that still, unfortunately, exists in the live music business. While a lot of tickets get sold already, so the live music industry is healthy and doing well, there are still super talented people going without fully sold out shows, and potential audiences not knowing about events that would be of interest.

Our mission is to streamline and polish the process of promotion and take the industry to the next level. What this looks like in practice is identifying, and quickly, events that aren't selling as well as others; and making easy-to-use yet effective tools available to promoters and other industry professionals.

This will allow the operation to bring its shows to a wider audience – reduce the number of unsold tickets, which is better not just for the bottom-line, but also the energy in the room.

We want more people, to see more live shows, more often. That's it.
Team Promogogo

How It Works

Promogogo – the Product

How will PROMOGOGO get more people to more shows? We believe by putting the best tools available in the hands of industry professionals will help a lot, and this is PROMOGOGO's data platform and campaign-builder. The final push comes from helping audiences find shows they care about.

1. Know the Reality of Your Ticket Sales

    Knowledge is power, and up-to-the-second updates on your ticket sales means better decision making. Get live ticket sales data easily on your PROMOGOGO dashboard for some of the world's biggest ticket services. It's plug-and-play for you to try today.

    It means you will always know how well your current shows are selling, because it's right there on your PROMOGOGO live ticket sales dashboard you can access on desktops and mobile devices alike. It's really simple. Just look at the heatmaps see what's happening. If things are good, that's good. If things are not, do something.

    2. What To Do To Boost Ticket Sales

    We think the opportunity that gets overlooked a lot, is reaching audiences that don't necessarily self-identify as *hardcore fans of X*. There are many reasons to attend a show, one of which is being a die-hard fan. Other reasons are because your girlfriend is a die-hard fan and you want to go with her. Another reason is you think the someone who goes would make a good girlfriend in the future.

    Reaching this secondary audience means that your marketing needs to adjust to their needs, and not just pushing how FLAWLESS your act is. It may be introducing the programme for the show better. This is especially true for smaller to medium-sized acts, that might well have a big potential audience, but they don't (yet) hold a name recognition that on its own sells tickets.

    This is achieved by allowing promoters and event organisers make as many promotions as they want, on our service, where they have the blank canvas to write out the campaign that makes the most sense, for what they're trying to do.

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    3. Let the Audience Find Relevant Only Shows

    Third way to do this, is to reach directly to the audience, helping people find great gigs to go to. That's what the Promogogo Bucketgigs are all about.

    So that's how PROMOGOGO is addressing the discovery problem in the live music industry.

    Our aim is simple: more people to more shows. And to achieve that, PROMOGOGO provides event organisers with the tools to focus their efforts better, and by allowing audiences to self-identify as something other than a hard-core fan of something, especially the over 25s.

    Sounds good, right.